Why Is Roku Teaming Up With Shopify?

It’s not the collab we were expecting in 2021, but Roku’s deal with Shopify could be a game-changer for small to medium-sized businesses.

Sept. 22, 2021

If only Don Draper could see the technology we have with advertising now… But unlike the ‘Mad Men’ character, Roku’s recent growth plans are very real..

Which is what makes its upcoming team-up with Shopify all the more exciting. 

Why is Shopify partnering with Roku?

We know that Shopify has partnered with TikTok and Facebook recently to allow its customers to sell on social media platforms, but what good is a streaming service? 

Well, it’s quite obvious actually. Based on hours streamed, Roku is America’s top TV streaming platform, boasting 55.1 million active accounts as of the end of Q2. And here’s the kicker: as of Q4, 2020, Roku served more ad impressions than any other streaming service out there.

Roku’s got a lot of eyeballs on its ads, and these ads are working according to its stats — some customers claim to have seen considerations for their brands rising in excess of 60%. 

Traditionally, advertising has been an expensive affair, full of regulations and limitations, with poor targeting and measurement options. Roku’s agreement with Shopify is the opposite, designed for efficiency and ease of use. By combining both Shopify and Roku’s data, Shopify merchants can now place more affordable ads at low cost onto Roku’s service, with a specific target audience in mind. 

So, Shopify can now offer its users a cheap and proven way to advertise their stores to the right streaming audience, while Roku attracts a host of potential new advertising clients for its platform. 

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