What to expect from Apple’s product event tonight

It’s the day that many fanboys and girls await eagerly every September, as Apple prepares to unveil its latest range of cool gadgets

Sept. 14, 2021

A couple of weeks back, I discussed the dangers of investors getting too sucked into an Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) fall event.

While that sentiment still stands, there’s still no harm in getting a good lowdown on what to expect from the world’s biggest brand as it unveils a host of new gadgets.

What can Apple investors expect?

Although nothing has been confirmed, it seems that all signs are pointing towards Apple unveiling the new iPhone 13 range, the Apple Watch Series 7, and, perhaps most excitingly, new AirPod models. 

I say most excitedly about AirPods not just because I really want a new pair, but also because it has been almost two years since the AirPod Pro was released, and this segment is becoming a prominent business in itself. In 2020, AirPods brought in more than $30 billion — that’s more than Spotify, Square, and Nvidia combined. 

Of course, the iPhone 13 and Watch will likely also fuel some holiday season buying hullabaloo, and come Q1 2022, we’ll be reading all about Apple’s new product sales figures.  

While all of this sounds great, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited myself, it’s worth noting that the money spent on these expensive products could have been better used as an investment in Apple. After all, for the price of a standard iPhone, you could buy yourself seven or eight Apple shares. 

Something to ponder and explore further in our recent ‘Never Borrow To Buy’ series.

For tonight though, you can expect some short-term volatility around the event — some people might get excited and buy stock, others might be disappointed and sell. Historically though, Apple mania levels out over time, so try not to make any major investment decisions based on tonight alone.

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