The Best Big Tech Investments Right Now, Ranked

Big tech is reaching stratospheric heights in Q3. Here, we present 5 of the biggest players, 4 of which have surpassed a trillion dollar market cap.

Aug. 27, 2020

Long gone are the tech companies from the dot-com boom of the 90s; companies like AltaVista, Netscape, and In their place we have behemoths like Microsoft, Google , and Facebook, not to mention the $2 trillion valued Apple and the closely trailing Amazon. We present you with the most valuable tech companies today and what they have in the works, in order of market cap. 

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1. Apple

Apple was the first company to hit a trillion-dollar valuation in 2018 and then $2 trillion on August 19 this year. The pandemic shuttered Apple stores around the world for a few months but that’s okay since online sales soared as people were forced to work and play from home. iPad and Mac revenues were up 31% and 18%, respectively, from Q3 2019 and revenues across every segment beat analysts’ consensus by 14%. Apple’s recent hiring of cloud engineers has investors speculating that Apple might be entering the cloud arena, a highly profitable sector which has boosted revenues for the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. 

2. Amazon

Second in the list is Jeff Bezos’ seller-of-everything and the number one cloud provider in the world. I’d like to point out one recent development: Amazon’s meetings with Simon Properties, the biggest mall operator in the U.S., to perhaps use shuttered JCPenney and Sears stores as fulfillment centers, further bolstering its brick-and-mortar footprint along with Whole Foods. A more ambitious plan would be to completely modernize the mall shopping experience; people can shop at futuristic stores with little hassle in the way of payment or returns (which can all be processed at one place for multiple outlets). With e-commerce comprising only 11.1% of all retail in 2019, it’s little wonder that Amazon continues to invest in traditional shopping. 


3. Microsoft

Another trillion-dollar company, Microsoft beat Wall Street’s expectations in its fiscal fourth-quarter report by posting profits of $1.46 per share versus the expected $1.34 and revenue of $38 billion versus $36.5 billion. This was due to the pandemic which helped its cloud business to exceed $50 billion in revenue for the year. This holiday season, Microsoft is releasing the highly anticipated XBOX Series X video game console which will no doubt be a blockbuster, boosting its revenue even further. 

4. Google

Google leads the world’s search-engine market share at a whopping 86.02%. The company’s cloud sector, Google Cloud Platform, was up 53% year over year for fiscal 2019 at $8.92 billion, which was a significantly higher growth than the overall cloud market experienced at roughly 16%; additionally, it had an annual run rate of $10 billion in Q4 2019 and $11 billion in Q1 2020. Google Meet got a boost when Zoom was experiencing security issues earlier in the year. The third-place cloud provider is investing over $3 billion to expand services in Europe and had a forecast of $38 billion in cloud revenue by 2025; that projection was made before the pandemic. 

5. Facebook

Finally, we come to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, which also got a boost from the pandemic with users jumping 10% year-over-year to 2.6 billion. However, it also took a hit in revenue from advertisers as a result of COVID-19, not to mention from advertisers boycotting the company for its stance on hate-speech. The company is still solid, however, having grown its revenue over 3400% in the last decade, and expected to reach $180 billion by 2025. Zuckerberg wants to expand internet accessibility to every human on earth and is working towards that goal with Terragraph, a wireless tech that will provide users with city-wide 500 megabit-speed Wi-Fi at a lower cost than fiber. With pilot programs in Malaysia, Hungary, and Canton, Ohio, the tech had its debut in earnest in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August 5, after a six-month trial run. 

Company Mkt Cap (In T As of Aug 26) Decade % Revenue Growth
Apple $2.16 298
Amazon $1.71 720
Microsoft $1.68 104
Google $1.11 452
Facebook $0.84 3481

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