Should Tesla Investors Be Excited About Elon Musk’s Robotics Plans?

While Tesla might be best known for its stylish cars and eccentric CEO, its A.I. and robotics business should not be ignored by investors.

Aug. 20, 2021

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) held its inaugural ‘A.I. Day’ last night, unveiling data center chip plans, automotive developments, and most dystopian of all: a 5’8″ humanoid Tesla Bot (seen above).

But why is a car manufacturer doing this? 

The future is artificial

Analysts have waxed lyrical about the future of A.I. and robotics for years now, and for years consumers have been left wanting. Nowadays, all we have to show for all the advancements in the field are vacuums and creepy police bot dogs. 

But maybe, just maybe, Tesla can finally bring us that robot butler we’ve always wanted. 

More importantly, the Tesla Bot could be a multibillion-dollar boom for the growing data center industry, which is expected to hit a valuation of close to $300 billion within the next five years. The robot will be built with the ability to manage the company’s Dojo supercomputer system, a task that would otherwise take up millions of dollars and human labor hours annually. 

Musk then elaborated that the goal of these robots would not be to take work from humans, but rather to perform the monotonous and “dangerously repetitive” everyday tasks we perform such as cleaning and grocery shopping. And, in case you were wondering, it has also been designed “so that humans can run away from it and overpower it easily”. 

Good to know Elon…

Of course, Musk has been known to overpromise and underdeliver on the robotics front — we were supposed to have 1 million Tesla robotaxis on the roads last year, after all — so investors shouldn’t get too hyped up just yet for the Tesla Bot’s expected 2022 prototype. 

However, as specialists in automation, A.I., data collection, and manufacturing, perhaps it’s a case of: “well, if anyone can do it, Tesla can”.

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