My First MyWallSt Day

As an intern documenting my first MyWallSt Day, I was a bit worried about taking on the task. This day is pretty special to the company and

As an intern documenting my first MyWallSt Day, I was a bit worried about taking on the task. This day is pretty special to the company and something I had been looking forward to from the beginning of my internship after hearing stories of previous years.

So what is MyWallSt Day?

Well, our CEO Emmet Savage describes MyWallSt Day as,

“a celebration of our team and culture. It’s an annual event where we all look to the horizon.”

The day, as it unfolded, did exactly that.

Airbnb offices equipped with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dogs.

Our first stop of the day was to the Airbnb offices located at the Grand Canal Docks in Dublin. Not only were we treated to a wide array of breakfast items, but we had the privilege of meeting a couple of Airbnb dogs during the tour as well.

During our time here, we got to take a look at Airbnb’s history, core values, and company culture courtesy of Fionnuala Coburn, Director of Global CX Business Performance.

One core value that stuck out to me was how Airbnb encourages it’s staff to ‘Champion the Mission’:

“Create a global experience of belonging for anyone, anywhere. Those who work for, in, or around Airbnb agree to champion the mission by living it.”

This value stuck out to me because of the similarities between it and the ones we have at MyWallSt. We have a goal of creating a billion successful investors and that is something we live by, with every member of the company investing through our MyWallSt app just like our customers do.

Rubicoin employees competing for the coveted trophy and bragging rights.

From Airbnb, we made a quick stop to one of our company’s favorite lunch spots, Lolly & Cook’s.

Once we were all full and happy, our MyWallSt Day journey continued to stop number two; the GoQuest Challenge Rooms.

GoQuest is an indoor challenge room company that has 28 rooms with each room presenting either a physical, mental or skill challenge. With 15 group members, we split into teams of three and each had an hour and a half to complete as many challenge rooms as possible. Each group competed valiantly trying to get as many green lights within the allotted time limit.

While the competition was fierce, everyone had a fun time and it was a great way to bond as a team as well.

Taking in the views of the Irish Stock Exchange.

The MyWallSt Day committee saved their best stop for last in my opinion.

After a quick cool down drink from our excursions at GoQuest, we headed into our last surprise of the day: visiting the Irish Stock Exchange. Even as an American, I felt extremely privileged to have been able to visit such a historical place.

As it turns out, MyWallSt Day also happens to fall on International Women’s Day. This was incorporated perfectly into our last stop as the Irish Stock Exchange was home to the first female stock exchange member in the world; Oonah Keogh. We were able to hear about her journey of becoming a member in 1925 and how her submission of her application caused a “tremendous sensation” at the time. The first female stock exchange member of the NYSE, in comparison, was in 1967…

After hearing stories about Keogh’s life, we even got to go upstairs and ring the bell while posing for plenty of pictures.

With the last stop finished, MyWallSt Day was coming to a close. To say the day was a success is an understatement as I feel like it is something every employee will remember.

This day gave me a great idea of what the future holds for this company. Seeing the parallels between our business and Airbnb’s, how great we worked together as a team (with a healthy level of competition) at GoQuest, and getting inspiration from the Irish Stock Exchange were all reasons why I feel lucky to even be a small part of this company.

Like the end to any perfect day, we got to enjoy an amazing dinner at Wowburger, one of the best burger joints in Dublin.

The rest, which consisted of visits to some of Dublin’s finest public-houses, remains internal.

MyWallSt Day, back when we were ‘Rubicoin’, 2018