Is It Too Late For Me To Invest In Shopify?

In acknowledgment of Canadian Thanksgiving, we’ll be doing a little investor deep dive into the pride of the Great White North: Shopify!

Oct. 11, 2021

On Friday, we talked all about market volatility and some ways that investors can power through tough times.

Today, as it’s Canadian Thanksgiving, I thought we’d explore a company that a lot of people are afraid they missed the boat on, and see if that hypothesis stands. 

Let’s talk about SHOP, baby…

One of MyWallSt’s biggest winners as well as belonging to a group of Wall Street’s biggest winners of the past decade, Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) really has been a wildly successful ride for investors.

The Canadian e-commerce and point-of-sale systems provider has seen its share price soar more than 4,700% since going public in May 2015. Quite the performance, considering it is also up more than 25% in 2021 alone so far, considering the volatility we have experienced amongst growth stocks. But with all this growth comes the inevitable questions from investors:

Have I missed the boat? 

It always feels a bit iffy to invest in a stock that has grown multifold instead of “buying the dip”, but it’s no reason to shrug off a great opportunity. 

Shopify has an iron grip on the e-commerce platform market in the U.S. with a 29% market share. Despite competition from the likes of Wix and Amazon, Shopify’s ease of use and the sheer diversification of its ecosystem have set it apart. What’s more, it could be taking the fight to Amazon once more through the ongoing development of its robot-operated fulfillment networks across North America. 

And that’s just e-commerce. Many investors wrongly overlook the vast potential for Shopify elsewhere, including its digital payments solutions. It already has partnerships with Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and much more, to offer Shop Pay,  the highest-converting checkout solution on the internet, according to management.

This is just scratching the surface of Shopify’s potential. If you want an expert, in-depth analysis of the company, look no further than MyWallSt.

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