Is Beyond Meat A Good Investment in 2022?

A number of successes in recent years have seen Beyond Meat pique investor interest at times, but is it truly a valuable stock today?

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Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND) is a pioneer in the plant-based meat market — widely regarded to be the first company to launch a vegetarian burger that both looked and tasted like meat. Their Beyond Meat Burger was first launched in early 2016, followed shortly afterward by Impossible Food, which launched its version in July.

Beyond Meat was founded in 2009 by Ethan Brown who worked with scientists from the University of Missouri to develop the process of turning plant proteins into a basic structure that mimics that of animal protein. Beyond Meat licenses the process from the University.

Over the years, the company has launched a number of new products including sausages, chicken, and jerky. They have also updated the original burger recipe multiple times. The company relies on a number of proprietary processes (unpatented) and formulations.

Beyond’s life as a public company got off to a great start with a lot of buzz surrounding the business and its impressive marketing campaigns.

At the time, I believed that this hype would subside over time. This was due to a number of factors…