CuriosityStream’s Competitors: 2 Rivals In The Streaming Space

Video streaming is big business these days, with many companies in the space vying for attention, including CuriosityStream’s competitors.

Sept. 2, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a massive rise in the number of people actively engaging with video streaming services. As people spent more time at home, they were consuming more video content than ever before. This led to great success for many companies, including CuriosityStream (NASDAQ: CURI).

This company went public last year and it aims to produce factual content for viewers in a cost-effective way. With more than 20 million paying subscribers and a very experienced management team, many investors are bullish about the future of this company. However, there are some major CuriosityStream competitors in the space that cannot be forgotten about.


fuboTV (NYSE: FUBO) is an offering that mainly focuses on the streaming of live sports. It also benefited strongly from people staying at home during the pandemic and offers the likes of premium content, integrated betting options, and other forms of interactivity with live sports.

It has been continuing its strong performance in 2021 to date, with its Q2 revenue rising 196% year-on-year up to $131 million. fuboTV’s average revenue per subscriber rose to $71.43, a 30% hike year on year. It also saw a significant rise in its advertising revenue, so it has increased its guidance for the 2021 fiscal year due to these strong results so far. Finally, its subscriber numbers in Q2 grew to 682,000.

One of the more interesting growth prospects as part of this offering is sports betting. With more states legalizing the activity, it is now becoming a major business. fuboTV is currently working on developing the Fubo Sportsbook app and it hopes to have significant market access by 2023. However, there is a lot of competition in the sports betting space and it is also a low margin business. fuboTV has also been reporting bigger and bigger losses, reaching $94.9 million in the second quarter.


When people think of video streaming, Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) is usually the first name to pop into their heads. This global behemoth saw its paying subscriber base rise to 209 million users off the back of a successful pandemic.

While its subscriber growth has started to slow in recent times, this has been expected. It is now investing heavily in new global markets such as Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. It is hoping to reap rewards from these investments in the coming years as it produces a ton of localized content. While there are now plenty of other major competitors in the video streaming space, it looks like Netflix will remain the king for some time. There is a massive global market and Netflix is well-positioned to reap the rewards.

Over the last five years, it has tripled its revenues and its net margin went from 2% to 16%. This is a more conservative long-term investment for people who want to get a piece of the video streaming space.

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