3 Earnings Reports Investors Should Look Out For This Week

We’re entering one of Wall Street’s busiest weeks as Big Tech, Tesla, payment disruptors, and a host of other stocks show us their books.

Every quarter, investors try to discern some sort of insight from a company’s quarterly earnings report. 

It’s hard work, so let’s quickly run through three important earnings calls this week, and what to expect. 

Get strapped in folks!

Tesla (Monday, 5:30 PM EST)

We’re starting big with one of the market’s most-followed companies. There is no shortage of factors to keep an eye out for here, including the global semiconductor shortage, vehicle pricing, vehicle gross profit margins, and the level of profitability in Tesla’s battery storage business. One piece of information we’ve already seen is the company’s vehicle deliveries, which surpassed 200,000 for the first time in Q2. Because of this, Musk & Co. is expected to report earnings per share of $0.11 on revenue of $11.5 billion, with operating profit of around $835 million — representing a 4.4% increase year-over-year (YoY).

Apple (Tuesday, 5:00 PM EST)

Although services are growing, hardware remains king at Apple. So, as usual, investors should be keeping an eye on iPhone sales numbers. While device sales rose 66% YoY to $47.9 billion in the last quarter, there are concerns that semiconductor shortages, inflation fears, and natural disasters in manufacturing countries like China will contribute to a slowdown in iPhone sales growth. Apart from that, keep an eye out for any product updates or non-iPhone hardware sales, with Mac and Airpod sales reportedly approaching all-time highs. Apple is expected to report EPS of $1.01 on revenues of $72.93 billion

Amazon (Thursday, 5:30 PM EST)

It’s the e-commerce giant’s first-ever earnings report sans Bezos, so everybody will be looking to new CEO Andy Jassy for guidance — literally. It will be hard for Amazon to beat its 44% YoY revenue surge in Q1, and good luck getting any insights from its Q2 operating income outlook — $4.5 billion to $8 billion, which represents somewhere between a 22% decline YoY and a 38% rise. Investors should also keep an eye out for Amazon’s Prime Day and Amazon Web Services figures.

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