3 Best Growth Stocks To Buy Right Now

If you’re looking for some high-growth potential companies to invest in, then look no further than these exciting companies!

The e-commerce, electric vehicle, and cosmetic industries are set to see high growth in coming years thanks to increased demand and innovation. For investors looking to piggyback on this rise, these are three great companies currently trading at great prices. 

Sea Limited

Sea Limited (NYSE: SE) is a promising e-commerce, finance, and gaming company storming Southeast Asia and Latin America. The business has three core segments — Shopee in e-commerce, SeaMoney in digital financial services, and Garena in digital entertainment and gaming. Sea has perfectly organized the business so that all three segments complement each other, creating a Sea ecosystem.

Shopee is paving the way for e-commerce in Southeast Asia and is creating a shopping experience that is personalized by leveraging AI and AR-powered tools to help brands deliver a unique and enjoyable shopping experience. In Q4 2020, the segment saw a 178% increase in revenue to $842 million compared to the same period the year previous.

Garena is a leading global online games developer that owns ‘FreeFire’, the most downloaded mobile game globally last year. Bookings rose 111% in Q4 2020 to $1 billion compared to Q3 2019. Paying users grew by 120%. 

Sea Money handled $2.9 billion in wallet payments in Q4 2020, and paying users rose to 23.2 million. The business has been granted a Singaporean banking license and Sea has leveraged its finance segment to accept a large chunk of incoming payments from Shopee and Garena independently rather than paying a third party. 


Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is the leading global electric car manufacturer but has been hit with recent bad news like mass recalls, federal investigations, and increased competition — directly impacting its stock price. The company is trading at around $740 per share, 22% lower than its all-time high of $900 per share in January, making it a great time to buy.

ButTesla is still a great long-term investment. We need to remind ourselves of one important question — will Tesla be bigger in 10 years? The answer to which is absolutely. In 2020, Tesla accounted for almost a quarter of all electric vehicles sold worldwide. The company has a first-mover advantage and as it ramps up manufacturing, economies of scale will only rise, leading to increased margins. Tesla has plans to manufacture its own battery, again increasing margins. It has plans for a $25,000 Model 2 in 2022 which will make buying a Tesla an option for those with lower budgets. Tesla has the best autonomous driving software in the business thanks to the huge amount of real-time data collected and the business is even branching into insurance.

Tesla has a huge competitive moat which will be hard for competitors to beat. The business is still in the high-growth stage, meaning even investors getting in now should expect nice returns over the coming decade.


SmileDirectClub (NASDAQ: SDC) provides clear dental aligners at a discount to conventional orthodontist-initiated treatments. The business is revolutionizing dental care, allowing customers to order at-home impression kits and receiving dental aligners without a single in-person dental appointment. 

Over recent years we’ve seen the self-care and beauty industry become more and more popular with the concept of clear aligners and aesthetic treatments becoming more normalized. SmileDirectClub is ready to grow and is on the path to profitability. 2020 could have been a game-changing year for the business, but the pandemic shunned its growth and resulted in a $78 million loss for the $4 billion company. 

13 American M1edical Equipment analysts predict that the company is bordering breakeven point with expectations for its final loss to be in 2022 before generating profits of $38 million in 2023. If we see this expectation materialize, investors getting in on the stock now will hopefully see impressive returns to follow. This is the riskiest stock of the 3 mentioned today but is the one with the most growth potential — making it not for the faint-hearted investor!

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